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Altaya Collections

"Os Mais Extraordinários Carros de Combate"

"The Most Extraordinary Battle Tanks" Collection

Recently [August 2005] Altaya, a well known peninsular (Iberia) Collector Series producer, started a 1/72 50 Battle Tanks series, already assembled and painted - even if not at the standard that Dragon Armour die-cast established.

Some of the promotional pictures shown on their site and literature, seems to depict not the real models in 1:72, but models in a bigger scale (1:35 ?).

Most of the models, at the moment, were made in plastic (PVC ?) and metal (mostly the upper hulls) with vinyl tracks. The detail - of the available models - is fair, even if a little on the soft part not competing with the sharp detail of the major models producers. On the scale subject, using the currently available models, they seems to be scale wise [less than 5% of scale dimensions tolerance].

While they didn't appealed to the regular model, due to the toyish nature - mostly from their paint job and their soft detail - and their die-cast hulls, they were more or less well received by the local wargames fraternity by providing, at a reasonable price, models not available elsewhere (at least on the Peninsula).

The objective of this page is to present pictures of the released models (as soon as possible) together with a personal short review and a rating establishing their quality from 1 (worst) to 10 (excellent), and as such showing my bias, and I'm not related in no way with Altaya Productions/Planeta Agostini.

Altaya's List


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