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A Photographic Review

Forces of Valor M4A1 with T1E3 Mine Roller


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A general view of the model out of the box. The M4A1 hull is die-cast, and the T1E3 in plastic   Top view, centring on the M4A1. Sink marks are very visible on the arms supporting the Mine Rollers   The front hull with the stowage (to hide the connection with the T1E3   The front end of the "business". Some seams lines are very visible
Upper front of the hull. While the stowage could be remove, the light guards are to thick and the towing cable is moulded with the Die-cast hull   The bogies assembling, simple but correct for this version   The sprocket assembly with T1E3 and an bogie. Nice Bogie detail and road wheels, but over simplified return roller   The rear business of the M4A1. Correct, even if not up to 1:72 scale. The turret is in plastic and as such correctable. It represents the low bustle version, most common with this M4A1's version
The vertical rear plate and engine access, with some weird detail, like different length air filters and the lower engine filter,  commonly only on very late M4 and M4A1   Turret detail. Nice figure, needing only some dry brushing on the face and hands. The model represents a late 75mm model - gun is metal - with an M34A1 gun rotor assembling. Only problem is that the assembling is some 1 mm inside the frontal plate.   The shell ejector hatch is simple. The lifting hooks could be improved as the originals are in plastic. The 0,50" M2 HMG while over simplistic will work.   The model after removing the T1E3 device.
    The model disassembled    




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last update 9/July/2005